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SimpleBooks is Melissa Barton

In 1997, I fell in love...with Quickbooks!


After working for some years in a variety of module-based accounting software products, I was quite excited to see Intuit enter the market with QB. Instead of having to purchase individual modules or software components for  AP, AR, etc, Quickbooks had it all and at a great price.

One downside we saw on the lightening fast adoption of this product is that many small business owners were slapping Quickbooks on their computers without any accounting background and finding after the first year, they had a bit of a mess on their hands. I put my skills to work and built a business on helping just those folks. Now with Quickbooks Online, I can work with anyone in the US and I have to say it's really gratifying.


My favorite part of this work is learning about you and your business. I've worked for a variety of business professionals from architects to talent agents; it's been fascinating work.


On the personal side, my passion is for textiles. I've been s knitter and spinner for many years now and you can best find me fondling wool at a local yarn shop or petting sheep at a fiber festival. 

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